See our main features below.

Bite-size lessons

Keeping it simple

Each lesson is kept as simple as possible without compromising the learning outcomes of the course.

Jargon free

We don’t like jargon. So, we create our lessons using straight forward, jargon-free, language.


Video for each lesson

Each lesson has a video at the top of the page, as well as text of the narration beneath. 

Stop & start videos

Pause the lesson anytime to take notes or if you need a break.

Dip in & out

Resume button

Our resume button means you can easily dip in and out of your course, and never need to worry about where you left off.

Progress stored

All of your test results and achievements are stored in the system, so you’ll never lose track when you log out.

Knowledge check


To make sure you understand the lessons, there are tests for you to complete as you progress through the course.

Course completion exams

At the end of each course is a course completion exam. You can take the exam as many times as is necessary, and feedback is provided on your answers.


Course completion

At the end of each course, once you have completed the course completion test, you get a certificate. 


Each certificate is personalised with your name as well as the course name and completion date.


Lesson downloads

Each lesson can be downloaded in PDF format, so you can continue with your lessons even if you are offline.

Certificate downloads

Course completion certificates can also be downloaded and printed, so you can easily show your achievements to others.

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